1 in 20 Toronto residents don’t speak English or French

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With surging immigration and refugee numbers it comes as no surprise that Toronto now has 1 in 20 residents unable to communicate in either of the official Canadian languages.

A new study says one in twenty Torontonians cannot speak English or French. And researchers say this language barrier has greatly impeded their ability to find a job, be active in the community and enjoy a decent life.

According to the Social Planning Toronto report, just under 132,700 Toronto residents are unable to have a conversation in either official language. But this number according to 2016 census data is down by some 10,000 people from 1996.

Chinese is the language spoken by more than 43 percent of city residents who do not speak English or French. This is followed by Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese, Korean, Persian, Russian and Arabic.

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Then there are the many Torontonians who can barely speak or understand English which means communication is a problem.

Unfortunately, few politicians are willing to urge new Canadians to adopt English as a means of communicating with other groups of Canadians.

Not being able to speak the language is not very healthy for a society. -CINEWS

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