10.6 million tons of food production to be affected in current year, says FICCI

New Delhi, Sept 23 (ANI): A study by FICCI reveals that 10.6 million tons of food production is likely to get affected in the current year due to spurious/counterfeit pesticides.

The study was released Dr. J S Sandhu, Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) and Agriculture Commissioner to Government of India at a discussion organized by FICCI here today.

With 1.2 billion plus population, India requires a robust, modernized agriculture sector to ensure the food security for its population. The scope for further increasing cultivable land is limited. In order to meet the food grain requirements of the nation, the agricultural productivity and its growth needs to be sustained and further improved.

India faces a challenge of non-genuine pesticides in the market, which can be counterfeit, spurious, adulterated or sub-standard. It is estimated that they constitute about 30% of the total market.

The study assesses the extent of the problem and suggests ways to counter the menace. It indicates that the problem is growing 20% per year and if not addressed will reach to the level of 40% by 2019.

It also states that irreversible damage to environment by use of unmonitored toxic ingredients in non-genuine due to degradation of soil through unknown illegal chemicals.

India’s position as one of the leading food grain exporter in the world is fully at stake as the possibility of rumors or sabotage by other countries or rejection of Indian exports food items from developed importing countries would increase. In such a scenario, export of 29 million tons of food grains worth Rs. 1, 578 billion (USD 26 Billion) is at stake. (ANI)

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