15-year-old author storming book world with ‘magical’ concept

Nicole Warriner

Nicole Warriner and her ‘Behind the Magic Door’ creation

A 15-year-old Greater Manchester (England)  schoolgirl has created a new concept personalized children’s book where each story is unique to the child’s name. Having already shipped to 23 countries, Nicole’s book looks to have a strong international appeal.

Behind the Magic Door, by Nicole Warriner, will take readers on a beautiful, personalized adventure to rescue the letters of their own name – discovering their creativity, imagination and curiosity throughout the story.

As a budding children’s author, Nicole wanted to create a magical world for her readers to enjoy whilst also supporting each child as they learn to read. Imagination and identity sits at the heart of Behind the Magic Door.

She said: “I have loved books ever since I can remember – my passion for reading grew nearly as fast as my bookshelf and I would spend hours and hours lost in a magical land. I am still an avid reader and I have been so inspired by books that I wanted to share my passion with others – what better way than writing my own magical adventure?”

The big difference with Behind the Magic Door is that it is a personalized story for children, helping them to read and also learn about key traits such as honesty, bravery and kindness. Nicole is particularly proud that she has managed to take the personalization to the next level including:

  • Featuring the child’s name on front cover
  • Each child’s name results in a unique story based on the letters of their name
  • You get to pick the adventurer that most resembles your child (three choices)
  • Your child’s name is shown on the Magic Door at the end when they complete their adventure
  • Customers can also insert their own printed dedication making it a great gift / keepsake

Nicole said: “It’s the enhanced personalization that makes it so special. It’s still early days yet, but shipping to so many countries and already seeing lots of repeat customers has been amazing. We’ve had nearly 100 reviews so far with 99% of them being 5*.”

Nicole’s ambition is to share magical bedtime stories to as many children around the world as possible. Each book even comes with a free bedtime reading guide to help readers get the most of the book’s interactive features (like hidden characters and a repeated paragraph for shared reading).

The company sells its books through its own custom-built website http://www.behindthemagicdoor.com as well as through a number of partner sites. The website provides customers with the opportunity to create and view a full book preview before buying and with free worldwide delivery it’s easy to see why it’s proving to be an international hit! – PRNewswire

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