‘1982-A Love Marriage’, ‘1942-A Love Story’ poles apart: Amitkumar Sharma

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Mumbai, Feb 10 (IANS) Actor Amitkumar Sharma says that his film “1982-A Love Marriage” and classic film “1942-A Love Story” are poles apart in its story, and the only similarity between the two is the title and the fact that they are period love stories.

“We have been pestered by comparisons with ‘1942-A Love Story’ since the time we announced that our film will be titled ‘1982-A Love Marriage’. Yes, the title is similar and our film is also a period love story but that’s where the comparisons end… the story is poles apart,” Sharma told IANS.

Sharma plays a character who is overenthusiastic about love marriage in the film and even watches Kumar Gaurav’s “Love Story” 22 times. When he eventually has an arranged marriage, he gets disheartened, but as seen in the trailer, he jumps with joy, when after several instances he believes that it is a love marriage with his wife.

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“Frankly speaking, getting associated with a film such as ‘1942-A Love Story’ even in the minutest way is a big honour for us, since the film is a classic. But it also places unnecessary expectations on us to live up to it which we don’t want and which we perhaps can’t do. We don’t have unrealistic demands from our film, ours is a small film with a heart.

While ‘1942-A Love Story’ was an intense love story with action and conflicts, ours is a light-hearted take on love and arranged marriages for the family audiences. We don’t want to give any intense message like ‘1942-A Love Story’ did.. we just want to entertain audiences by bringing a smile on their lips,” he added.

“1982-A Love Marriage”, directed by Prashant M Gorey, also stars Omna Harjani and is produced by Shiv Kumar Sharma. It is releasing on February 26.

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