20 Ghanaian students get EU scholarships

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Accra, July 28 (IANS/MAP) Twenty Ghanaian students from universities across the country have received prestigious scholarships from the European Union (EU) under the Erasmus+ programme for the year 2017.

A statement issued by the EU Delegation to Ghana said the students would pursue courses at both Master and Doctoral levels in European universities, said the report on Friday.

The scholarships will help the 20 students acquire high level skills, knowledge and varied experience that will help them to contribute in future years to Ghana’s sustainable development, the statement said.

The courses the students would pursue include Doctorate programme in Legal Psychology, Masters in Economics of Globalisation and European Integration, International Masters in Marine Biological Resources, Masters in Journalism, Media and Globalisation in 10 different European Union member states.

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“Since 2004, 245 students and staff from Ghana have benefited from Erasmus+ scholarships, funded by the EU budget,” the statement said.

Erasmus is only one source of funding for scholarships to Europe. When scholarships from both the EU and its 28 Member States were taken into account, it was estimated that a total of 1,000 Ghanaian students gained scholarships to European Universities each year.

It said the EU expected to see an increase in the number of scholarship beneficiaries in future by working alongside the academic community and by raising awareness of the programme among students.

The Erasmus+ programme will also contribute to the improvement of the quality of higher education through enhanced international cooperation between universities in Europe and in Africa and the harmonisation of programmes and procedures.

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