20 militants killed, district recapture in Afghanistan

Kabul, Oct 25 (IANS) At least 20 militants were killed in clashes in Afghanistan’s Khamab district as the security forces recaptured from Taliban the district along the border with Turkmenistan, an official said on Sunday.

“The security forces after killing 20 Taliban rebels and arresting 10 others over the past four days recaptured Khamab district as Taliban fighters fled to jungles around the area,” Xinhua quoted provincial Governor Lutfullah Azizi as saying.

A total of 10 security personnel were killed and four others were injured during the clashes, the governor said.

He also said security forces were chasing the militants in the neighbouring Qarqin and Aqcha districts.

Meantime, Taliban militants in a statement confirmed the clash in Khamab and claimed that the insurgents, besides inflicting huge casualties on the government forces, have destroyed two tanks, a claim rebuffed by Governor Azizi.

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