Leaked Tape: Armaan desires to have sex with Tanisha

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Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee have crossed the limit of  intimacy in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house.  The couple in the past caught locking lips and enjoying each other unclothed and now the latest about the lovebirds of Bigg Boss house is that to everyone’s surprise Armaan caught making sexual request to Tanisha.

A leaked video of the Bigg Boss 7 by one of the readers of Facebook shows Armaan and Tanisha involved in a private conversation about sex. The lust for sex was easily evident in Armaan’s eyes as he was seen biting his lips and talking to Tanisha very privately.

Tanisha too was taking interest in the whole conversation and instead of stopping Armaan she took forward the conversation to the extreme point.  As the conversation went ahead, Tanisha tells Armaan that he has no control over himself and his sexual desire.  Armaan replied back that there are alternate remedies to cool down his desire. Tanisha smiles and shamelessly asked him whether he has tried any of such remedies. Tanisha further adds that his hand is broken and he could not try any such remedies. Tanisha stressed on the point that ‘hand is very important’.

Armaan went a step ahead and said that it is not always important to use one’s hand; one can also invite someone to do the needful. Tanisha already realized where the conversation is heading to and she tried to end the discussion.  Armaan is clearly pointing towards Tanisha that if he requires to fulfill his desire then Tanisha should come forward.

Tanisha’s family would surely be disappointed to learn about this. Tanisha has already hurt them by making advances towards much older Armaan Kohli and now this private conversation would completely break them.

On hearing the conversation, it is understood that Tanisha and Armaan are just uncontrollable and it is better that Bigg Boss allow the duo to leave the house at the earliest.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Devika

    Salman has forgotten that he’s just the host. Why is he trying to play judge?
    His open favouritism on the show towards the dumb Tanisha and uncouth Arman is shocking!
    As per him, Kushal’s calling the 47-year old Arman (yes, he’s 47 & not 40 as he’s declared on the show) “bhuddha” (old man in Hindi) is more deplorable than Arman’s basic disrespect, name-calling and manhandling women!
    He also should not be comparing Tanisha and Gauhar as we viewers can clearly see that the former instigates arguments and only pacifies Arman once the situation gets out of control, at least I have never seen Gauhar being the instigator ever.
    Anyways, its just a show at the end of the day but its funny that people like Tanisha and Arman, yesteryear stars have only made laughing stock of themselves instead of actually doing any good to either their careers or lives!
    The saying after all is right for creatures like them that, “He who laughs last, laughs the longest!” They might have a good time on the show because even they can see Salman’s on their side but they have opened themselves to the public too and we are not pleased to watch them at all!!

  2. Rimaljit Kaur

    Journalism of exactly this sort makes me feel sick.


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