26/11 trial: Then Pak PM Gillani visited my home, reveals Headley

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Mumbai, Mar. 25 (ANI): In an explosive revelation during his cross examination presently underway in a Mumbai sessions court, 26/11 operative David Coleman Headley has said that then Pakistan prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani had visited his house after the terror strikes.

Headley revealed that Geelani had come to his house following the death of his father on December 25, 2008, who was a retired Director General of Radio Pakistan.

Here are the top developments in the cross examination so far:

1. I told my father about my association with LeT and he objected to it: Headley

2. There was one friend of mine named Saulad Rana in Pakistan, with whom I shared my plans of visiting Mumbai two months prior to 26-11 but I didn’t seek his help in the attack.

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3. I have never been interrogated or questioned in connection with 9/11 US attacks case.

4. I was arrested in Pakistan once and the case was registered by my ex-wife Faiza.

5. Headley says he had hatred for India since his childhood and had pleaded guilty to that.

6. He says that he had this hatred against India since December 7, 1971 when Indian planes bombed his school and it was damaged and people working there died.

7. Headley says that to avenge that bombing on his school, he joined LeT and this was one of the reasons of him joining the terrorist organisation.

8. Headley admits he was trying to organise a fund raising programme for Shiv Sena in the USA.

9. He, however, admitted that for the fund raising programme he was intending to invite Bala Saheb Thackeray to the US but there was no plan to attack him there.

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10. Headley said that he was in touch with Rajaram Rege for that. He never met Bala Saheb or talked to him for inviting him to that programme.

11. Headley says he was willing to invite some other Shiv Sena leader for that programme after being told by Rege that Bala Saheb was old and not well.

12. Headley said that he cannot disclose the location of the jail where he was lodged in and also said that he cannot reveal the facilities he was getting there.

13. The court reprimanded Defence lawyer Wahab Khan for asking questions to witness without knowing the jail manual of the US, questions about his facilities he is getting in US prison like food, AC and conjugal access etc.

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14. The court took on record that the ‘defence lawyer is crossing his limits in cross examination and trying to direct the court that what the court should do.’

15. Headley also says that it was not true that he is living a luxurious life in the US Prison.

More details to follow. (ANI)

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