277-year-old bell discovered in China

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Shijiazhuang (China), Aug 23 (IANS) A giant iron bell made 277 years ago has been found in a village in China’s Hebei province, the cultural relics department said on Thursday.

The bell weighs 200 kg and is one metre in height. It has a diameter of 80 cm at the bottom and is 2 cm thick, Xinhua news agency reported.

The bell consists of two parts. Eight characters wishing a long life for the empire and the crown prince were cast into the upper section. The lower section has an over 300-character inscription, indicating the history of the bell.

Cultural relics experts in Cixian County said that bells have a long history in China. They were once used to convey messages and later became musical instruments and tools for sacrificial activities.

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The new finding will help understand religion, customs and the development of the foundry industry in the southern part of Hebei.



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