29-year old HIV positive Zambian woman passes away in Amritsar

Amritsar, June 28 (ANI): A 29-year old HIV positive Zambian woman, Keltha Twala, died in Guru Nanak Dev Medical Hospital on Sunday. She was deported by Pakistan officials in absence of a visa.

Dr. NS Neki informed that the Zambian national was taken to the hospital by the police on Friday and was admitted in an emergency ward.

“But the patient was very quiet and was not cooperating especially with the male doctors so we replaced the medical team with female doctors” he said.

The test reports confirmed that Twala was HIV positive and also had convulsions.

Twala had arrived Amritsar from Delhi and was on way to Pakistan but she was returned by the country’s immigration officials since she didn’t possess a visa. (ANI)

By Ravinder Singh Robin

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