13 retailers chosen to sell beer in Ontario

Toronto, November 20 (CINEWS):  Instead of going to the Beer Store or the LCBO, tipplers can now pick up beer along with their groceries at 13 grocery stores starting as in about a month.The retailers, a mix of large and independent grocers, were chosen via a “competitive bidding process,” and must now apply to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for authorization for individual stores.Once that application process is complete,loblawsbeer beer could go on sale at up to 60 locations by December, the Finance Department said Wednesday in a news release.
The retailers are:
• Coppa’s Fresh Market
• Farm Boy 2012 Inc.
• Galleria Supermarket
• Hanahreuem Mart Inc.
• J & B La Mantia Ltd. (La Mantia’s Country Market)
• Loblaws Inc.
• Longo Brothers Fruit Market Inc.
• Metro Ontario Inc.
• Michael-Angelos Market Place Inc.
• Pino’s Get Fresh
• Sobeys Capital Incorporated
• Starsky Fine Foods Hamilton Inc.
• Wal-Mart Canada Corp.
“We are moving quickly to ensure that beer will be sold in grocery stores in a socially responsible manner,” Finance Minister Charles Sousa said in the news release.
“Using the existing low-cost distribution system keeps Ontario’s beer prices below the Canadian average while offering greater ability to fund key government services and programs that people rely on.”
Retailers will have to follow certain guidelines when selling alcohol, including having designated sales areas, restricted hours for sale, and limits on package sizes and how much alcohol can be sold by volume.
The move follows an announcement from the provincial government last April that it planned to expand beer sales to grocery stores. Eventually, the Liberal government aims to have beer on shelves in up to 450 grocery stores across the province.
In September, the Liberal government announced other changes, including:
• Imposing a 20 per cent minimum shelf space for small brewers in The Beer Store network.
• A move to open up The Beer Store ownership to other players in the industry.
• Grocery store retailers will not be subject to a strict cap on sales. When fully phased in, should sales across the grocery network exceed $450 million, grocers whose sales exceed their share of that global cap will pay a small fee.
• A rule to devote 20 per cent of beer shelf space in grocery stores to products from Ontario’s small and craft brewers.
• Allowing 9,000 smaller bars and restaurants to buy beer at retail prices instead of paying premium rates.
It can be argued that beer is actually a by-product of grain- barley.

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