3 Israelis stabbed in Jerusalem within hour

Jerusalem, Oct 12 (IANS) Three Israelis were injured in less than an hour on Monday in two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem, police said, as tensions between Palestinians and Israelis continue to run high.

Two Palestinians stabbed and critically injured two Israelis in Jerusalem’s Jewish settlement neighbourhood of Pisgat Ze’ev, before one assailant was shot dead by police, a police spokesperson said.

Less than an hour earlier, a female Palestinian stabbed an Israeli border police guard near the police headquarters in Jerusalem, wounding him lightly, police said, adding the guard managed to shoot back at and seriously wounded the attacker.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli police shot dead a Palestinian who had allegedly tried to stab them with a knife in the Old City of Jerusalem. No injuries were reported in the incident, Xinhua news agency reported.

Tensions between Palestinians and Israelis, including security forces and Jewish settlers, have been running high since the Jewish holidays last month, amid strife between worshippers on the hilltop site of Temple Mount as Jews call it, or Noble Sanctuary referred by Muslims, in east Jerusalem.

Four Israelis have been killed in stabbing attacks in the past ten days and dozens injured in varying degrees, as militant attacks became daily routines across the country.

Eleven Palestinians died in the past week, some in clashes with Israeli security forces in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and along the Gaza Strip border fence, while several were gunned down by Israeli security forces after allegedly trying to commit attacks against Israelis.

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