35 militants killed in Afghanistan operations

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Kabul, Feb 20 (IANS) At least 35 Taliban militants were killed, over the past two days in military operations in Baghlan and Badghis provinces of Afghanistan, officials said on Saturday.

“A total of 15 armed Taliban were killed in Baghlan province since Friday,” Xinhua quoted a police official as saying.

Seven more militants sustained injuries, the official said.

There was no casualty on the security personnel, he added.

Dand-e-Shahabudin and Dand-e-Ghori districts have been regarded as Taliban hotbed threatening the provincial capital Pul-e-Khumri.

The government forces, in efforts to dislodge militants from the said areas, launched a major offensive around one month ago which has claimed scores of lives from both warring sides as well as non-combatants.

Government forces onslaught continues in Dand-e-Ghori and Dand-e-Shahabudin areas amid Taliban stiff resistance.

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Taliban militants also destroyed several power pylons and thus plunged Kabul into darkness over the past three weeks.

Similarly, military operations in parts of the restive Badghis province have left 20 militants dead since Friday, an official said.

“A cleanup operation involving units of national army and police was launched in Badghis province on Friday,” the official said.

Eight security personnel were injured during the operation, the official added.

Meanwhile, Taliban outfit in an online statement confirmed clashes in Badghis and Baghlan provinces, claiming its fighters have inflicted casualties on government forces in Sang-e-Atash district of Badghis, besides killing seven soldiers and injuring six others in Dand-e-Shahabudin over the past couple of days.

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