Truck driver who crashed the Burlington Skyway could be not guilty

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Toronto, March 18 (CINEWS): An Ontario Court Justice has thrown out a Brampton dump truck driver’s high blood alcohol readings taken after his truck crashed into the Skyway Bridge.
Remember the time a truck with its raised bucket crashed into the top of the Burlington Skyway Bridge on July 31st, 2014? The truck driver Sukhvinder Singh Rai who was found with a blood/alcohol level three times over the legal limit plead not guilty. That accident caused over a million dollars in damage and damaged the bridge considerably.
But despite conclusive proof that Sukvinder Singh Rai was driving under the influence, he may just walk out that courtroom with nothing more than a gentle scolding.
In a hearing this week, Ontario Court Justice Fred Campling ruled that the breath tests and analysis was illegal as the Burlington OPP officers did not seek breath tests within the three-hour limit set out in the criminal code.
Rai has pleaded not guilty to impaired driving, driving with an illegal blood alcohol level, dangerous driving and mischief endangering life in connection with the incident.
Now why exactly did the police not administer the breath test within three hours? The crash caused a panic situation, there was danger to other motorists, parts of the bridge scaffolding was hanging loose and with so much chaos and danger to be dealt with, there was a crucial delay. The officer sitting with the truck driver only got on the test after smelling alcohol coming from the back of the
cruiser where Rai was sitting. Unable to locate a roadside screening device, he made the two-minute drive to the detachment to have Rai complete the test.
The trial continues next week but with the impaired driving charges thrown out, it is likely that nothing serious will stick. Who knows the truck driver could end up suing the police for conducting an illegal breathe test on him and end up winning millions for the ordeal he suffered.

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