$36.4mn campaign planned to educate Canadians about perils of legalized pot

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This week the Liberal government rolled out the latest phase of its legalized-pot plans: a five-year, $36.4-million campaign to help teach Canadians about the health and safety risks associated with using marijuana, in case some haven’t got multiple memos since they were ten.

The reason for this expensive campaign to be rolled out over the next five years is to ensure the youth have the right information when it comes to cannabis use and the risks associated with it.

Public education up until now has focused in large part on consequences of breaking the law, Blair added, suggesting legalization will allow parents, teachers, health professionals to have conversations with young people.

Tuesday’s announcement is in addition to a five-year, $9.6-million allotment included in the last federal budget. The campaign will be expanded once legalization takes hold to help explain how the new laws work, Petitpas Taylor said.

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The federal Liberals have indicated their commitment to passing that legislation by July 2018, despite health and other concerns raised by the Opposition members, health care experts as well as law enforcement members.

Many Canadians are also worried about the impact of legalized Weed shops in their communities.

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