4.9% tax hike for Bramptonians

Brampton, December 11 (CINEWS): The fiscal plan for 2016 includes a 4.9 per cent hike to the Brampton portion of the property taxes.
The proposed 2016 increase, slated for approval Dec. 9, reflects just the city’s portion of the tax bill and translates into $93 hike for the average home in Brampton assessed at $381,000.linda-jeffrey
Brampton’s share of the tax pie is approximately 38 per cent of the overall property tax bill, with the Region of Peel accounting for 42 per cent and the remaining 20 per cent going to education.
When factoring Region and school board, the city’s overall tax impact equates to 2.9 per cent.
Over the last decade, two-thirds of budget increases have been going to cover salaries and most cities seem unable to do much to reduce or even control that aspect of expenditure.
In 2014, the roster of employees earning six figure salaries grew by a staggering 36 per cent.
Driving operations again next year will be labour.
Collective agreements with transit and fire services are up for renewal in 2016. The city has budget $5.3 million to cover wage increases (or the equivalent $26 per year on the average residential tax bill).
The city has negotiated contracts with union support staff, which will add $2.6 million to the wage bill.
In September, councillors voted themselves a seven per cent raise and better benefits package.
Councillors bumped up their wages in lieu of eliminating the one-third of their salary that is tax-exempt.
But where Brampton’s may actually see their taxes working first hand is in the area of transportation. Council has marked $3.4 million toward expanding ZUM into new neighborhoods.

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