40% of teachers have endured violent students, says study

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Student violence against teachers should be a major cause for concern. A national study conducted by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) revealed that at least four in 10 teachers per school jurisdiction have experienced violence from students.

In some jurisdictions, teachers subjected to violence is as high as nine in 10.

In many instances, teachers fail to report these incidents for a variety of reasons, perhaps some are even fearful that reporting it would make matters even worse for them.

A good 70 per cent of teachers are convinced that violence against teachers in schools are getting worse.

Female teachers working at elementary schools, working in lower socioeconomic status locations or large metropolitan areas tend to be victims of violence as well as those working as special-needs teachers.

It often isn’t just those in the lower socio-economic bracket that tend to be prone to violence, the study has shown that it occurs in all jurisdictions regardless of the wealth disparity.

Either way, he said, teachers don’t have the professional training, the physical aides or the assistance from mental-health professionals that they require to handle these situations appropriately.

There are any number of reasons that could be contributing to the desensitizing of young students to violence. Social media, violent video games, lack of parental guidance, broken and dysfunctional families are most definitely causes that could be making a bad situation worse. – CINEWS

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