Ileana saved by Akshay when horse goes out of control

Ileana...Her horse goes out of control.

Ileana…Producers want to keep scene in the film.

These thing don’t happen often in films.

Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar who is known to do his own stunts in his films and Ilena D’Cruz were shooting a scene for Rustom where they both had to ride horses for a scene.

While shooting the scene Ileana’s horse got out of control and Akshay quickly went to her rescue,  grabbed the reins and brought situation under control.

Walking alone Akshay managed to calm the horse. The scene looks so romantic and realistic and the producers want to keep that the scene  in the film. 

Rustom is Akshay’s next most awaited film and stars Akshay and Ileana D’cruz in the leading roles. Rustom movie is a film about a famous sailor who has immense love for his country and about the struggles that he has to fight with on his journey for the country. – CINEWS

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