Regina has Canada’s most pampered pets

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The fourth annual list of the top cities in Canada with the most pampered pets has just been released by This list was compiled by comparing per capita sales data for pet items purchased from from August 2015 to August 2016 in cities with more than 100,000 residents. Sales data was collected from products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

The top 20 most pampered pets cities in Canada are:


Regina, Saskatchewan


Edmonton, Alberta


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Halifax, Nova Scotia


Windsor, Ontario


Laval, Quebec


Richmond, British Columbia


Winnipeg, Manitoba


Kitchener, Ontario


Mississauga, Ontario


Gatineau, Quebec


Surrey, British Columbia


London, Ontario


Brampton, Ontario


Vancouver, British Columbia


Hamilton, Ontario


Calgary, Alberta


Ottawa, Ontario


Markham, Ontario


Toronto, Ontario

Taking a closer look, the pet data reveals:

  • It Ain’t So Ruff for Regina Pets: Regina held on to the No. 1 spot overall in Canada and was the top dog in almost all of the categories, purchasing the most items for dogs, cats, fish, and small animals. Some of the most popular purchases were for biscuits, grooming products, and toys.
  • “Beware of…” Windsor and Halifax: After falling to No. 4 in 2015 from its No. 1 ranking in 2014, the city of Windsor rose back into the top three overall this year. Windsor also came in second in the dogs category (up from No. 3 last year). The biggest city jump this year was from Halifax, which rose six spots to No. 12 from No. 18 last year.
  • Bon-A-Pet-Treat: “Sit, give me your paw, stay!” Whether using them to train their pets or to simply reward them on a good day, Canadians were treating their pets with a whole lot of delicious goodness, withRegina purchasing the most treats followed by Richmond and Saskatoon.
  • Cities of a Feather Flock Together: Quebec’s Gatineau rose one spot this year to No. 6 overall, but also held on to its No. 1 spot in the bird category, with popular purchases including toys, feeders, and perch swings. Rounding out the top three in the birds category were the two neighbouring cities ofWindsor and Kitchener.
  • Pets Just Wanna Have Fun: Residents in Regina, Richmond, and Saskatoon appear to be the most playful with their pets, purchasing the most toys for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. Those three cities also know that cats and dogs want to look good, purchasing the most grooming items over the past year for their feline and canine friends.
  • Slimy, Slithering, and Scaly in Saskatoon: While Regina took the top spot in almost every category, it was Saskatoon that won out in the reptiles category, purchasing items including heat and lighting fixtures, hammocks, and thermometers.


The province of Ontario has the biggest bark with nine cities in the top 20, with re-entries from Ottawa andToronto at No. 19 and No. 20 respectively.

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