47,000 Sudanese expats to return from Saudi Arabia

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Khartoum, July 23 (IANS) Around 47,000 Sudanese expatriates are expected to return home from Saudi Arabia within coming days, Sudanese Expatriates Organ has said.

“Around 33,000 Sudanese will return from Riyadh and 14,000 from Jeddah, 60 per cent of them workers and craftsmen, maximally by Monday,” said Karar Al-Tuhami, Secretary General of the Sudanese Expatriates Organ, at a press conference on Saturday, Xinhua news agency reported.

Al-Tuhami added that the returnees would hold right to go back to Saudi Arabia in case they adjusted their status.

“We are working to avoid any economic impact for the return of this great number, where all the state’s bodies and institutions are working harmoniously to reintegrate the returnees in the society,” he said.

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He further noted that Sudan’s Embassy in Saudi Arabia has completed all procedures for the Sudanese returnees, saying that some of them will leave Khartoum for other states of Sudan.

Last March, the Saudi authorities launched a “Nation without Violator” campaign, availing illegal expatriates three months to adjust their status or leave the country if they fail to pay penalties.

The illegal expatriates who don’t leave within the time frame will be forcibly deported or face punishment.



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