5 things to expect at CES 2016

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New Delhi, Jan.3 (ANI): It is that part of the year when Tech-savvy consumers across the world are waiting to see what’s in store for them at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The CES which is going to be held from January 6 to January 9, 2016 will showcase previews of various products.

Some of the things which we can expect are mentioned below:

1.Smart phones: According to The Verge, we can expect from small companies like Alcatel Onetouch, ZTE, and Huawei to showcase their product although, the big smartphone makers like Apple will hold their major announcements for later in the year.

2. Camera: Camera makers will hold their announcements for Photokina later this year.

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3. Cars: General Motors is expected to showcase the production version of its reasonably priced electric Chevy Bolt. Volkswagen may unveil its very first electric car. BMW may unveil its new model.

4 Rideables /hoverboards: Hoverboards was in the news last year involved in several cases of accident. So, apart from Hoverboards, we can expect small electric skateboard and scooters.

5.TVs and fridge: There might be some surprises, but it’s safe to say that this year TV makers will mainly be presenting Ultra-HD (4K/UHD) High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays. South Korean tech giant Samsung is all set to give a surprise this time by bringing a new smart fridge with a massive screen.(ANI)

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