7 homes reported burgled in Peel every day

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Mississauga, February 19 (CINEWS): Last week a young Mississauga family came home to find their home in the area of Hurontario Street and Bristol Road, was broken into in broad daylight.
The burglars took $30,000 worth of jewelry, cash and a 100-pound safe. Peel Regional Police officers are investigating the incident, which occurred sometime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
“At the end of the day, we lost $30,000 but it could have been a lot worse if someone was home,” Ahmed said. “I don’t know how someone could get away with this in broad daylight.”
The suspects forced entry through the front door and ransacked the master bedroom of the two-storey home.
The Ahmed family have an alarm, but a family member failed to activate it as she was in a rush.
Ahmed said he is going public with the break-in because he wants to alert his neighbours and the community in general.
Residential “break-ins” are typically “crimes of opportunity” and while it is common for victims to feel a sense of violation,
Burglars generally have little, if any, personal knowledge of the people who live there, police say.
Police say residents should try not to have a fixed routine and incorporate changes in their routine. If there is a second vehicle, leave it in the driveway and maintain your property so as to provide clear sightlines from your front door to the street, police say.
Residents should always be aware of their surroundings, look out for unfamiliar cars with occupants inside, they may be checking the movement patterns of residents. Note down licence plate numbers just in case. Never leave the door unlocked if you are leaving the home and invest in an alarm system and a better idea would be to never forget to set it.

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