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71% Muscovites use digital platforms daily: Survey

Moscow, June 1 (IANS) An online survey of Moscow residents between the ages of 18 and 60 has found that almost all those surveyed in the Russian capital – over 99.5 per cent – use digital platforms, while 71 per cent use these virtually every day.

A Moscow city Department of Information Technology (DIT) study defines digital ecosystems as services that meet the dual criteria of deployment of IT infrastructure and are open to partners whose relations are based on mutual benefit – “win-win basis”.

“On average, the respondents use five digital platforms each, and 71 per cent use them virtually every day. As far as our export potential is concerned, 9 per cent of the city’s ecosystems are already operating in international markets, while 75 per cent are planning to access the international and regional levels,” a statement said citing DIT chief Eduard Lysenko.

“According to the survey, Muscovites see using ecosystems as a way of saving money (71 per cent), valuing convenience (75 per cent) and timesaving (82 per cent),” the statement said.

“Moreover, 53 per cent of respondents are ready to switch completely to digital services for their everyday needs, while 7 per cent are already working or earning extra via digital platforms, with a further 52 per cent considering the possibility. “

Muscovites identify the most popular areas of application of digital platforms in this order – financial (78 per cent), online shopping (76 per cent), transport (67 per cent), and media and entertainment (62 per cent).

The study, which included a survey of over 40 major digital platforms in Moscow, also found that women shop online and use food delivery services much more frequently than men.



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