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76% of Canadian job growth was in Ontario last year

The economic imbalance in Canada continues to rise as Statistics Canada data shows that of the 320,000 new jobs created in 2019, almost 283,000 full-time jobs were generated. This development contributed Canada’s jobless rate dropping three notches to 5.6 per cent as the country.

Although Ontario accounts for about 38 per cent of Canada’s population, it accounted for 76 per cent of all the jobs created in Canada in 2019, some 243,000.

In very distant second place is Quebec, having added 63,000 net new jobs last year ― still a very strong showing, historically. Meanwhile British Columbia added just 7,000 jobs, in a province with a labour force of 2.7 million people.

The number of jobs actually fell in the two provinces most dependent on the oil and gas industries, Alberta (down 4,200 jobs) and Newfoundland and Labrador (down 5,900) jobs.

A clear trend has emerged, with virtually all the job growth in the country taking place east of Manitoba with the exception of Newfoundland. This piece of news will further fuel the growing sense of alienation among Western voters.

A survey carried out by Nanos in late December found 55 per cent of respondents nationwide and in Ontario think a recession is likely or “somewhat likely,” but that rose to 58.7 per cent in British Columbia and 72.8 per cent on the Prairies.

The fact that over 75 percent of job creation is happening in Ontario can only mean that a similar percentage of new immigrants and job-seeking Canadians from elsewhere will be tempted to move to this province. In doing so, regions across Canada that needs talent and labour will continue to struggle to attract young working-age Canadians and new immigrants. -CINEWS


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