83-year-old finds freedom after stroke leaves her paralyzed

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Sandra Kniffin is 83 years old and spends 95% of her life in a wheelchair.  This spunky woman is a stroke survivor which has left her completely paralyzed on the left side of her body.   While Sandra is a positive, upbeat woman, her outlook on life was bleak as she spent hours stuck inside watching life from a window.

When Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Foundation received Sandra’s grant application, she had mentioned an electric scooter would be life-changing and allow her to once again be interactive with her friends and neighbors and allow her the freedoms to enjoy hobbies and humans. “Freedom.  In one word, that is what this scooter means to me, freedom,” Sandra told AID.org when she came to pick up the gift at their location.

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When Sandra arrived on location she was welcomed by the entire staff of the AID.org Foundation.  Spokesperson, Jennifer Rogers said, “Sandra is a gift to all of us to know life is too short to spend it stuck inside.  AID Foundation thrives on gifting medical equipment that creates independence, mobility, inclusion and builds confidence.”

As Civil Rights Champions, AID.org was formed in January 2016 in order to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through charitable gifts, opportunities and the removal of discriminatory barriers.  By spearheading a rapid and widespread wave of compliance through educational and affirmative enforcement actions, AID.org not only rapidly brings not-compliant public accommodation into ADA compliance but also acts as a self-funding catalyst for the charitable AID Foundation.

The AID Foundation is a growing resource for any individual with a disability looking to receive help with various issues relating to their disability or compelling needs such as: wheelchair access, medical equipment, and much more.  Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities – Foundation aims to help improve the lives of 3 to 4 individuals with disabilities per day. – USNewswire.

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