9 sentenced to flogging in Indonesia for selling food during Ramadan

Jakarta, June 26 (ANI): Nine people in Banda Aceh, Indonesia were flogged after being caught for selling food during the holy month of Ramadan.

Banda Aceh, the province of Aceh, is the only area in the nation where sharia, or Islamic law, is rigorously applied, and the people were punished for selling food along roadsides, during the daily fasting and prayer period, reported Asia news.

Mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal confirmed the “zero tolerance” of the acts which contradict the Muslim faith during the month, which includes no sale of food and beverages from dawn to 4 pm.

Authorities detained the owner of a kiosk and his eight assistants in the traditional Pneunayong market, and also seized food and drinks that had already been sold to private citizens.

Though the rules of fasting should only apply to the followers of Islam in Aceh, unlike the other provinces of the country, the Muslim rules are imposed on the entire population, with a large majority of the local population in agreement of it. (ANI)

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