A breakthrough discovery of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism

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Research into ‘necrotic changes’ in tissues and blood circulation

The overarching goal of new ‘conceptual frame-working’ through novel ideas and fertile considerations in the scientific realms, can never be on a ‘pause’ or ‘silence’.

A recently discovered phenomenon called ‘Magneto-hydro-tropism’ is endeavoring too, for bringing a ‘new-age-climax’ to the scientific world.

The field of MHT is a revolutionary advancement in the field of magneto-hydro-dynamics MHD, which was initiated by Hannes Alfvén, who received the Nobel Prize in 1970, for this contribution.

MHT inception was foremostly unveiled by carrying out the ‘very first scientific demonstration’. Prof Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, the discoverer of MHT, undertook the demonstration of exposing plasma and other object-testers to a high static magnetic

Prof Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, the discoverer of MHT

A systematic assessment of MHT’s multifarious impacts is underway since its inception.In this connection a scientific-confab titled ‘1st South Asian Interdisciplinary Confab on MHT-Discovery’, isnow under way in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Experts of relevant disciplines are participating to the confab that started on 7/28/2016.

On the opening session, Prof. Al-Hafi (the discoverer) makes an argumentative defense of MHT by presenting methodical abstract of his theory. Convincing evidences are also brought forth by examining the effects of MF applied to the rabbits and other object-testers in an intermittent exposure to the MF.

The findings’ outcome of the scientific investigations forthwith, can impart promising avenues of MHT sciences in manifold areas of oncology, embryonic toxicology, neurophysiology, aerospace medicine, phytology, plant-pathology and earth sciences.

First Methodical Overview of MHT-Magneto-Kinetics by the Discoverer:

An abstract of the ‘First Methodical Overview’ that, has been paramountly documented and aired on 8/05/2016 from Sri Lanka, which describes MHT as:

“Magneto-Hydro-Tropism(MHT) is a complex phenomenon that involves ‘trans-positional variations’, distinctive ionic inversions along with a discrete mediatized polarization of the fluid containing hydrogen, and in certain cases, an obvious, observable, evident, and harness-able alteration of the hydrogen nuclei’s direction, as a positive or negative response to the magnetic field (MF) applied as an extereo-susceptibly homogeneous stimulant,” elaborates the MHT discoverer Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, during the ‘theme-assessment’ term of the scientific session of the confab.

“The hydrogen atom’s presence and multiple manifestations are overwhelmingly abundant in almost all of the living organisms and corporeal biotic processes, whereas the hydrogen atom responds to the magnetic-flux as a unique stimulus. On the other hand, there hasn’t been any place discovered yet, which can be pointed as uninhabited of magnetic field or elsewise desolately hollow as from the MF effects; either produced by geomagnetism, solar flares or the interplanetary magnetic fields. If viewed integratively, the entirety of the manifestation, in principal, essentially endorses the reference-line for what is termed here as MHT’s ‘omni-prevalence’ or omni-pervasiveness.”

“Moreover, the pattern-configurations of hydrogen’s susceptibility to MF, is considerably much more than to be merely characterized as, or described in ‘spatial’ and ‘mechanistic’ terms. But instead, it is of somewhat a ‘discrete’ nature of susceptibility—distinct in its own—not categorizable in mechanistic terms, but only identifiable through its very manifestations, which can certainly not be simply confined to the intrinsic characteristics of hydrogen’s diamagnetic reaction.”

Conceptual framework

“…..It necessitates too, and requires that the phenomenon must be dealt forth, with a non-mechanistic conceptual framework, for which one might has to rise over-and-above the latitudes of archaic models of Newtonic-Cartesian world-view,” preserves Prof Hafi, his stance while describing the nature of the MHT phenomenon by dint of turning the Newtonic-Cartesian ladders of conceptual frameworks upside down.

The abstract of the MHT ‘Methodical Overview’ can be viewed in its entirety at:http://mhtdiscovery.org/

The MHT-Discovery’s abstract provides schematic clues and gives answers to hosts of questions for understanding the multi-spheric phenomena of cosmo-genesis.

The greatest discovery of the era—’MHT Magneto-kinetics’ is an outcome of Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi’s over 2 decades’ inquiries into the subject. Professor Al Hafi is a multidisciplinary scientist of Pakistan, currently engaged as an interdisciplinary P.I. for post-doctoral research works in several reputed universities of Asia. Prof. Hafi’s self-chosen life conviction and the principal focuses of his research are principally destined towards preventing the children from multiple disabilities that they have to endure for their lifelong entireness. – PRNewswire

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