A-listers who sing at Trump inauguration to get ambassadorships?

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Donald Trump is begging Beyonce to perform

Desperate to make a lasting impression at his inauguration, Donald Trump is reportedly begging A-listers like Beyonce and Bruno Mars to perform!

He’s also offering ambassadorships to those who do.

People are not really blown away by the lineup of A-listers for Donald Trump‘s, 70, big day on Jan. 20.

Knowing this, the business mogul has devised a plan that will ensure is inauguration is the party of the century.

Donald is begging top performers like Beyonce, 35, Katy Perry, 32, and Bruno Mars, 31, to sing at the event, according to UPROXX.

But that’s not all! Donald is also offering ambassadorships for booking.

As we all know as many celebrities are on Hillary Clinton‘s side, it’s going to be tough to get some to cross over to his side.

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Both Elton John and Garth Brooks have already backed out of performing, leaving Jackie Evancho as one of the last standing. The former America’s Got Talent contestant will sing the American national anthem and a duet with Andrea Bocelli.

Donald doesn’t really come across as the fun-loving type, but after witnessing Barack Obama‘s inaugurations, we can’t blame the President-Elect for feeling a little jealous.

At Barack’s 2009 party, Aretha Franklin sang her heart out! When he was re-elected in 2013, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson tore up the stage like it was one massive concert!

As we all know, that was a different time, as so many A-listers were in love with Barack as president. The same obviously cannot be said about Donald, but there is one man who might be open to performing…and that’s Kanye West. Maybe that’s what their meeting a few days ago was about!

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Just a question! How about some Russian artistes! Sure, Putin will also be there at the inauguration!


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