A not-so-serious dialogue on terrorism in Kashmir

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The Kashmir situation is not a joke – and what with people taking sides on the issue of militancy in the valley, the topic is kept boiling in the media!

However, humour about the Kashmiri terrorists abound on social platforms.  This is from a recent post found on Facebook:

  • Media : Why doesn’t our country solve the terrorism termite ??
    Army : Done
    Media : Political dialogue hona chahiye. Khamakha serious ho gaye!!
  • Terrorist : Hum shaheed hone ke liye paida hue hai..
    Army. Lol. Done
    Terrorist : Aise kaise. Is desh main kanoon vyavastha hai ki nahi!
  • Terrorist : Kashmir maange azaadi. Bandook as lenge azaadi
    Army : Ok. Let’s play
    Terrorist : Not fair yaar! Gande log! Pehele AFSPA hatao.
  • Terrorist : Let’s kill the outsiders. Dekhte hai kaun rokega
    Army : Ok. Let’s play
    Terrorist : Aise kaise. Humare bhi human rights hai na? Pls
  • Terrorist : Shed ur uniform. Or we will kill u.
    Army : LOL. Ok. Lets play
    Other terrorists : Arre maar diya re.. mere bacche ko maar diya
  • Terrorists : Bandook se lenge azaadi!
    Army : Ok. Let’s play
    Terrorists : Aise kaise? Judge sahab ko decide karne do na. Please
  • Terrorist : Bharat tere tukde honge
    Army : Tere bhi
    Terrorist : Ye cheating hai! hum Indian bacche hai na. Aise kaise maar diya
  • Terrorist : hum shaheed hoke jannat main jayenge
    Army : Tathastu
    Terrorists : arre berehmi se maar diya re.. mera baccha misguided tha  – CINEWS
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