A power show from artist Arun Pandit

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New Delhi, April 1 (IANS) : After his mammoth human Garuda, sculptor Arun Pandit is back with a power show titled ‘Power and Pathos’ slated to begin from Saturday. Curated by art critic Uma Nair, the show will exhibit 20 works from the artist at the Lalit Kala Akademi.

The artist, who hails from Patna, says that he tries to reflect the conflicts in the city’s life through his works. He creates images that are blurred in the light of the internet frustrations and experiences that happen as we are faced with the kinetic words Error 404.

“For me, the internet experience is a kind of disorientation which is the beginning and end in that way it’s like a closed question that operates in a basic perceptual textbook in the human psyche, which also tells the reader,” said Pandit, adding: “You see the image one way and if you turn in space then it becomes different experientially.”

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In his work, human figures and bulls become metaphors for the observations of the artist’s comments on the society. The show celebrates the beauty and strength of the grainy texture of bronze and gives a mirror image of multiple reflections that go back and forth in time.

While his bulls and human forms create a stirring residue of emotions within us what unveils is both the power and pathos of human endeavours and predicaments. “Bull represents strength,” says Pandit.

Pandit’s magnificent sculpture of a human Garuda recently created lot of curiosity. The Garuda was created for Tirupathi Airport and unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The two compelling features of Pandit’s sculptures are his endeavour to give a three dimensional appearance along with the motion of the object and the use of a cast in the final product. The cast is used as an inseparable part of his sculptures. The artist admits the influence of Romanian sculptor Constantine and Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.

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“I think that Pandit’s work is about experience and the analysis of the human angst within. His work Maa is an impassioned work that combines feminine and abstract tenors .To the term curiosity we can also add the word openness. We may not feel curious, but there is something there that we want to figure out,” Nair said.

Though he admires installations, Pandit could never garner the courage to make them because of space constraints but he has always been on the lookout for a medium to combine with sculptures to give them movement and life and shake the conscience of the viewer.

The show is on April 2-8 at the Lalit Kala Akademi

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