A pull for younger crowds to engage in art

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New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) For those not studying art formally, exposure to art via exhibitions could be their first step for deeper engagement with it, said curator Priyanka Chhabra, at her group show which marks her debut curatorial attempt at the Alliance Francaise here.

The exhibition, displaying over 90 artworks from emerging and established artists, including Krishen Khanna and Maya Burman, is Chhabra’s way of creating a “cultural enlightenment” through art.

“Most people in their 30s and below have no idea about art. I felt I need to enlighten these people. Even with such a spending capacity, they would rather splurge on shoes, bags and clothes,” Chhabra, who made her foray into art from the fashion industry, told IANS.

Does only observing art in gallery spaces enable younger crowds to appreciate it?

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“There is only a section of people who study and appreciate art, but for others, exposure to art is important for them to at least start observing it. It gets them into that rotational mode where you see today and appreciate tomorrow,” she explained.

Chhabra describes her initiative, Planart, as a platform for like-minded people to meet and explore art, not just from an art history aspect, but a relatable perspective.

“Even for me, I don’t like an artwork just because it is by a renowned artist. I look for the concept behind it,” she said.

The artworks on display include canvases, sculptures, and installations by myriad artists, including Krishen Khanna, Maya Burman, Satish Gupta, George Martin, Shubhra Das, Vijay Sharma and Bose Krishnamachari, among others.

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The two-day exhibition will conclude on Sunday evening.



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