A reader’s open letter to PM Justin Trudeau on Electoral Reforms

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Dear Mr. Trudeau,

As a Canadian citizen, I wish to express my deep dissatisfaction with the way the Electoral Reforms file has been handled. From all appearances so far, it seems that the entire exercise is being carried out in an extremely partisan manner, with the Liberal Party’s agenda being the dominant factor, rather than a genuine desire to engage with the voters to find out their wishes on this vital matter. Any participation of either the public or their representatives belonging to other parties has been, at best, grudging and half-hearted. These two factors have resulted in this important exercise being mired and/or bogged down in unnecessary controversies and distractions.

It is abundantly clear that Minister Maryam Monsef is not even remotely qualified to handle such an important file. In the interest of the Canadian public, and Canada’s future, it is imperative that she now step aside, so the file can be handled by someone who actually knows what a move away from the First Past The Post system involves. It would also help if the new incumbent is well-versed in the history of evolution of democracies across the world, from Magna Carta to Oliver Cromwell, on to Bastille and the American revolution and so on.

Allow me to share with you my understanding of democracy in a nut-shell:

“Democracy is a system of governance wherein the people affected by a decision are consulted for, and have a say in, making that decision.”

The Liberal government has actively sought to prevent public participation (the recently launched on-line questionnaire being but a version of this denial). In that sense, the government has acted in an undeniably undemocratic way. Given the subject of this exercise, this attitude is the very definition of the word ‘travesty’.

I hope the government will reconsider its entire approach to this matter, replace Minister Monsef with someone competent, and, most importantly, genuinely consult the Canadian public to find out their views on this matter, which is so vital to our democracy.

Yours sincerely,
Darshan Maharaj

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