A virtual reality arcade opens in Mississauga

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ViRal Virtual Reality Arcade and Lounge, a really cool arcade has opened in the Dixie Road and Dundas Street East area recently.

It has 10 virtual reality units equipped with HTC Vive headsets and each unit has a couple of base stations to track the motion of the headsets. The headsets themselves are equipped with gyroscopes that follow the user’s head and body movement inside the play area and all the stations are hooked up to top-of-the-line computers to ensure the games run smoothly.

They offer about two-dozen games in genres including adventure, puzzle, arcade, horror and sports.

There’s a few multiplayer games people can play with friends such as archery or virtual minigolf. The cost is $35 per hour, although there are student and children discounts, and you can play as many of the games they offer during your time so, if you select a game you’re not really interested in, you can stop playing and pick another.

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The VR headset and headphones allows controllers to have a deeply immersive experience. It’s 360 degrees so, as you turn, you’re seeing different things.

With summer around the corner, this place is destined to become a hotspot for both young and old gamers looking to connect with others as well as enjoy this awesome experience. -CINEWS

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