A wedding engagement ended the tribal way

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Ghaziabad, May 11 (IANS) Police acted as the mediator as members of a tribal community ended a wedding engagement at a police station here — by ceremonially cutting wood with a chopper.

Police officer Anju Teotia said her force oversaw the traditional tribal method of ending an engagement and thus helped end a conflict between two families on a peaceful note.

“The police played the role of a mediator to avoid a bloody conflict between over 200 persons of Sahnsi community,” said Teotia, Station House Officer of an all-women police station here.

It all began when a girl’s family from Ghaziabad complained that a boy to whom their daughter was engaged suffered from a chronic disease which cannot be treated.

This triggered a conflict. Things may have gone out of hand but elders in the community, whose members are often blamed for crime, intervened.

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Teotia said that on Tuesday the police called both the families to the police station.

But some 200 tribals came, a few armed with wooden rods and choppers. The police station had just six personnel.

“It was a worrying issue for us,” said Teotia.

But after an hour’s allegations and counter-allegations, a compromise was reached.

To give a final seal to it, a group of young men from among both sides went to the open space in front of the police station.

They placed wood on the ground and cut it thrice with a chopper while taking the names of the prospective groom and bride.

After the final stroke, they shouted: “Now there is no relation between them. They are free to choose their life partner.”

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