A young Bramptonian expresses himself through poetry

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Abhishek Kapoor was moved by the mountain

Abhishek Kapoor is going to Grade 5 in September. He lives in Brampton and did a road trip to Calgary with his parents. He is a nature buff who is known to be glued to programs on National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet. The road trip to Calgary took him across three provinces- Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The beauty of Banff inspired Abhishek to scribble a poem as he looked out at the mountains.

Trip to Banff

Banff is a place filled with lakes
A lot of people enjoy Banff with a smile on their face
Banff has lots of shops
But McDonald’s is one of the top
The mountains are full of glaciers
When they melt, it forms lakes and add to the beauty of nature
The road were twisting and turning
And since it was hot and my skin was burning
The mountain bear in Thunder Bay were a bit lazy
I also think that they were a little scary
The Rocky Mountains were tall and high
But sadly there was no Wi-Fi – CINEWS

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