Aamir Khan sheds 13 kilos in 3 weeks!

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Mumbai, March 15 (CINEWS):On his 51st birthday, Aamir Khan’s hurried weight reduction regimen was really apparent. Aamir Khan appeared for his birthday party on Monday twelve displaying a more slender, conditioned body.

The on-screen character, who had put on a few kilos for his forthcoming film Dangal, flew once again from the US on Sunday, without a moment to spare for his 51st birthday festivities.

Be that as it may, even as he cut the huge chocolate cake, those around couldn’t resist seeing the amount of weight the on-screen character had lost.

For Dangal, the on-screen character had achieved an epic 95 kilos and now, he asserts he weighs 82 kilos. That is a cut of 13 kilos in only three weeks. Truth be told, he was bigger than his Monday look only this February!

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Dumbfounded columnists then asked how this was conceivable and the performing artist said that he had spent the previous 3 weeks basically dozing, eating and working out for just about six hours a day.

Be that as it may, the occupation is not done yet. Aamir likewise added that he needs to lose 12 more kilos before he returns to the film’s sets to resume shooting.

The performing artist has clearly wrapped up the primary calendar of Dangal and will return to shooting in the wake of dropping the additional kilos. The performer is determined to get back his Ghajini physical make-up for the wrestling-themed film.

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