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New Delhi, July 18 (ANI): Middle East-based fashion designers have designed a collection of dresses and footwear based on Ramadan season.

This year, Dominican American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta launched a Ramadan collection of mules, designed exclusively for Dubai’s Level Shoe District store. Tommy Hilfiger is another brand with roots in America, which decided to dedicate a collection to the Holy Month.

Saudi Arabia-based designer Haifa Fahad, whose brand is stocked by regional stockist Harvey Nichols Riyadh, is one of those designers. Fahad’s 200-piece collection which is sold exclusively in the period surrounding Ramadan, is mainly centered around traditional abayas, thobes and dresses.

Talking about the process of designing, Fahad said, “The process of designing the Ramadan capsule collection is a bit different from designing my spring/summer or fall/winter collections, because I design with a specific kind of customer in mind. It doesn’t affect my creativity, but I have to be conscious. I take pleasure in designing these capsules, and so far they have always sold out.”

“Eid could be compared more to what Christmas does in the West, in terms of giving and purchasing. Ramadan is an emotional time, so people are looking to celebrate afterwards,” said Rania Masri, Level Shoe District’s General Manager

“Ramadan is a time of family, and going back to basics, so many designers will go for kaftan styles and abayas when designing for this time of the year. Sales will go up since people like to dress more relaxed during this period. As for the feedback of local customers, with regards to Ramadan capsules designed by brands outside the region, it makes them feel these brands understand their needs. I’d suggest for international brands to think global, as it makes the customer feel special,” added Masri.

Other brands including DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and MANGO, have been the first global fashion brands, to create a collection dedicated to Ramadan. (ANI)

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