Abhinay Deo shoots major part of ‘Doosra’ on film

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Mumbai, Sep 22 (IANS) Filmmaker Abhinay Deo has chosen to shoot a major chunk of his next movie, a docu-fictional sports drama film titled “Doosra”, on film.

The creative decision to shoot on film was taken because he wanted to recreate a certain 1990s’ look for a part of the film, which is based on those years. And more so because movies back then were shot on film.

Deo said in a statement: “Shooting on film has a completely different feel to it. It means that much more precision and planning. Nothing beats the authenticity, realism, the rich texture and the vibrant feel of shooting on film. Moreover, I want the audiences to relive the nineties and many of them still associate a certain cinematic feel to films from that era because those movies were shot on film.

“That’s the most important reason why I chose to shoot on film.”

Deo said: “As one part of the film is shot on film, showcasing the 1990s’, the later part will be shot on digital which will showcase the 21st century. So it will be an interesting mix.”

The “Delhi Belly” director, who recently helmed the Irrfan Khan-starrer “Blackmail”, has been researching for “Doosra”. He also travelled to Lords and met former cricket greats.

For this project, Deo is collaborating with New York-based Stick Figure Productions, known for their last film “Chasing Tyson”, directed by Oscar-nominated director Steven Cantor. The film is set for a theatrical release next year.

The film is a social documentary that captures the cultural change in the country through all aspects of society from politics to business to the arts. It promises to present a fresh insight-driven point-of-view on the rise of India with a parallel reference to the power of cricket as a sport in galvanising an evolution never witnessed before.



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