Abstract works bring alive viewers’ perceptions

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New Delhi, Sep 14 (IANS) Different people interpreting and emoting to her art in varied ways is what intrigues contemporary artist Sahaya Sharma, whose solo painting exhibition opened at the Alliance Francaise here on Friday.

Titled “Ways of Being”, the exhibition displays over 50 recent works exploring the whole gamut of human emotions.

“Collywobbles” (2017), an acrylic-on-canvas work visually expressing feelings of anxiety and unease, is one among many of her abstract-surrealist works. Featuring gelatinous worm-like collywobbles, as compared to “pretty” butterflies, the work can make many emote differently to the same abstract forms.

“For instance, in my painting some see an old man while others see a tree. It’s about interpretation of the painting which changes from person to person,” she said.

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“Viewing adds a new dimension to my work. Because most of my work is spontaneous and comes slowly from my imagination, the viewers see what I didn’t ,” she told IANS.

Her other works like “Pedestals and Projections” and “Desire” are a window to the “many hidden beings and scapes” that come to life with the help of the viewers’ perception.

Delhi-based Sharma has previously done three solo exhibitions in the capital which include “Salmagundi” (Wonderwall, 2013), “Zygonthia” (Stainless, 2015), and “Hues and Clues” (Gallery Articulate, 2017).

“Ways of Being” is open for public viewing till September 17.



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