Abu Dhabi announces reopening of wetland reserve

Abu Dhabi, Oct 27 (IANS/WAM) The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) on Tuesday announced that Al Wathba Wetland Reserve will be reopened to the public from November 1, after its closure throughout the summer months due to the breeding season of flamingoes.

Over the past few months, EAD has been implementing its enhancements plan within the wetland eco-reserve project to welcome visitors to experience this reserve in Abu Dhabi.

EAD’s terrestrial biodiversity team has made significant developments to ensure the interactive and friendly atmosphere of the reserve, while preserving its natural heritage.

The enhancements plan, which is scheduled to be completed within a few months, will include accessibilities for people with special needs to facilitate their visit to the reserve. It will also include the construction of more bird hide facilities near water bodies, which offer visitors a unique experience to observe Al Wathba’s birds “up close and personal”.

One of these bird hide facilities, allocated to watch fresh water birds, is already complete, while work is still underway to build another to watch other bird species.

The self-guided walking trails will also be lengthened, to enhance the experience of visitors who wish to discover nature on their own while in a protected environment. In addition, educational and introductory materials on the reserve’s habitats, fauna and flora will be provided along with more signage and maps.

Al Wathba visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in the Al Wathba Photography Competition, which is being administered for the second year on EAD’s Instagram account, between November 1 and the beginning of May 2016.

Participants can upload a maximum of two photographs.



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