According to Raveena Tandon all actors have certain shelf of life

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Mumbai, Feburary 7 (CINEWS): During a period when numerous female performers go on record to say that their age does not come in the method for their vocations, on-screen character Raveena Tandon has no misgivings in tolerating that the idea of on-screen characters having a restricted time span of usability is valid.

“This is consistent with a specific degree. There will dependably be a cycle of new on-screen characters coming in, which is likewise the proper thing, as everybody must get an opportunity to perform. Everybody needs to experience diverse stages in their lives,” she says, including, “In any case, silver screen has turned out to be more worldwide now and distinctive sort of movies are being made and there is sufficient for everybody to do.”

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Raveena, who has been a part of the business since the most recent 25 years, says that her parameters of selecting a film has changed throughout the years.

“Prior, there were parts which I had not done and I needed to do them. Presently, there is not a lot left to explore different avenues regarding as I have done everything before. Presently, I would prefer not to do movies only for the sole purpose of doing them. Presently, the part must be truly testing. I would prefer not to take up common parts,” she says.

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