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Account hijacking forum OGusers hacked, data leaked

San Francisco, May 21 (IANS) In a bizarre turn of events, account hijacking platform itself got hacked, exposing personal information, including email address and hashed password, of 113,000 users, the media reported.

The administrator of OGusers said a hard drive failure had erased several months’ worth of private messages, forum posts and prestige points, Krebs on Security reported this week.

The exposed database appeared to hold usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, private messages and IP address, said the report.

The administrator of rival hacking community RaidForums uploaded the OGusers database for anyone to download for free.

“I have uploaded the data from this database breach along with their website source files. Their hashing algorithm was the default salted MD5, which surprised me. Anyway the website owner has acknowledged data corruption, but not the breach. I guess I’m the first to tell you the truth,” the RaidForums administrator was quoted as saying.

OGusers is popular among people involved in hijacking online accounts and conducting SIM swapping attacks to seize control over victims’ phone numbers.

The breach caused a lot of anxiety among the users of the forum, the report said.




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