Activist puts Quran pages on cars outside mosque again

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At the Verdi Convention Centre in Mississauga, while Muslims were fundraising and praying, Sandra Solomon, a known anti-Muslim activist was once again putting ripped pages from a Quran under windscreen wipers of cars parked outside. Last month she was seen doing the same thing outside a mosque which led to a lot of controversy.

Police were called to the banquet hall after she went into the hall demanding to speak with an Imam but was asked to leave.

Sandra Solomon’s actions are controversial, unlawful and goes too far, even many critics of Islam are uncomfortable with her provocative acts.

On a YouTube video she made of the incident outside the banquet hall, she called it part of an international campaign to designate the Quran as hate literature.

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Sandra Solomon’s campaign against the Quran has many critics of aspects of Islam distancing themselves from her actions.

Such a campaign only serves to bring more public support for the beleaguered Muslim community and that is certainly not what Solomon is expecting. If anything, her campaign should be allowed to continue because it has the unintended consequence of rallying support for Muslims from other communities who see them as being victimized by such acts. -CINEWS

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