Activists send anti-Pyongyang leaflets into North Korea

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Seoul, March 26 (IANS) South Korean activists sent thousands of anti-Pyongyang leaflets into North Korea on Saturday.

Around seven North Korean defectors and members of the civic group “Fighters for a Free North Korea” gathered near the demilitarised zone in Paju city, where they released balloons carrying some 50,000 anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets into the neighbouring country, EFE news reported.

From the city of Gimpo, a further 30,000 leaflets were floated over the border.

Fighters for a Free North Korea regularly carries out anti-Pyongyang leaf-letting campaigns, which have in the past drawn the ire of the regime led by Kim Jong-un.

In January, officials in Seoul said North Korea had launched an estimated one million propaganda leaflets into the South by balloon.

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