Actress Carrie Fisher says Trump’s sniffing at debate was due to cocaine

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Carrie Fisher is a recovering drug and alcohol addict.

Why was Donald Trump was sniffling nonstop  during the presidential debate on Oct. 9?

Actress Carrie Fisher believes cocaine ‘absolutely’ has something to do with it — and she’s a self-proclaimed ‘expert!’

Is it a common cold? Possibly, or if you’re Carrie Fisher, 59, it could be cocaine.

The original Princess Leia actress claims Donald Trump‘s, 70, ongoing sniffling during the second presidential debate is “absolutely” related to snorting the powdery drug.

Star Wars star and former wife of Paul Simon, Carrie, who’s a recovering drug and alcohol addict, used her hard-partying past to her advantage, and slammed the Republican nominee for his curious nasal sounds. “Tell me something about that sniffle…coke head, or no?,” a fan tweeted to Carrie, to which she replied, “I’m an expert and ABSOLUTELY!”

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That’s a pretty BOLD statement!

Many Twitter users asked questions like, “I notice Trump sniffling all the time. Coke user?” and another wrote, “Why is Donald always given a mic laced with coke?”

The business mogul has been called every degrading name in the book, from a sexist to a misogynist — so could coke user be next?

Donald’s sniffling was bad enough before that annoying insect kept buzzing around Hillary Clinton‘s head. At one point it looked like the fly landed directly on Hillary’s nose, but she kept on speaking like a total boss and didn’t even flinch!

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