Afghan president vows to root out terrorists

Kabul, April 25 (IANS) Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday toughened his government’s stance in the war on militants and vowed to root out Taliban and like-minded groups fighting in the war-plagued country.

“Since the Taliban and Haqqani network in harmony with other terrorist groups are fighting in Afghanistan to ensure each other’s interests, therefore, it is our obligation to stand against them,” president said in his speech at the joint session of the Afghan parliament here, Xinhua news agency reported.

He made the speech in parliament amid the ongoing Taliban-led bloody insurgency and in the wake of the deadly attack in Kabul on April 19, in which 64 people were killed and 347 others injured, some critically.

The Taliban outfit claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed to continue the war against government.

However, the president categorically said his government’s doors were open for peace talks with those Taliban who renounce violence, sever ties with terrorists and accept Afghanistan’s constitution.

The hardliner Taliban group has frequently rebuffed government offers for talks, stating no talks would be held for peace in the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Vowing to mount military pressure on Taliban, the president promised that the militants would be defeated on the battle ground and finally beg for peace, saying the Haqqani network, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State groups would be diminished.

There is no good and bad among terrorists, the president said, adding that a terrorist is a terrorist.

He also vowed to fight corruption tooth and nail and bring reforms to ensure good governance.



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