Afghan youth spread message of freedom, love through music

New Delhi, June 24 (ANI): Afghan youth living in India are spreading the message of love and freedom through music.

The Yuva Beats Band, established in 2009 by the Afghan refugees living in Delhi, is setting benchmarks by its excellent performances and spreading the message of love and freedom.

The seven-member music band, which has been doing stage shows in Delhi since 2009, aspires to go back to their homeland and perform freely one day.

So far, this band has performed at colleges, youth meets and charity shows. But they have bigger dreams to promote their music across the globe.

Sultan Hameed, one of the band members, learned the art of music from his father during his childhood.

Hameed, who hails from Kabul, feels music is in his blood.

“Taliban did not like music and they have strictly prohibited listening and playing music in Afghanistan. If anyone liked to play music, they posed security threats or it could lead to loss of life and many people were killed for music,” said Hameed.

Sultan Hameed Ghiasy, another member of the band, said that the people in Afghanistan have gradually lost interest in music.

“They even do not like to discuss about music. So, it was a difficult situation to play music in Afghanistan,” he added.

Ghiasy further said that the people are unable to promote music in Afghanistan due to security threats.

Sultan Habeeb Ghiasy, the band’s guitarist, said that they hope to perform in their country one day.

“It is very difficult to promote music in Afghanistan and we had also faced security challenges due to this. So, I hope that one day I can go and perform in Afghanistan without any issues,” he said.

Art, music and culture suffered a major setback in the war-torn Afghanistan. But all is not lost as there are many Afghan youth in India willing to revive music to its glory. (ANI)

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