Afghanistan president meets US congressional delegation

Kabul, Nov 9 (IANS) Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has met a visiting US congressional delegation, the Presidential Palace or Arg said in a statement on Monday.

“Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, on Sunday met a US congressional delegation headed by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman emeritus of the house committee on foreign affairs and current Chairman of the subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa in Arg,” Xinhua cited the statement as saying.

During the meeting the two sides discussed the situation in Afghanistan and exchanged views on ways to further expand bilateral cooperation in different areas including counter-terrorism.

Representative Ileana Ros said President Barack Obama’s recent decision on sustaining US support for Afghanistan helps both the country fight terrorism as common threat and reach the shared goals that underlie the interests of both nations, according the statement.

There is no good or bad terrorism and that this ominous phenomenon should be fought comprehensively, Ghani said.

The Afghan leader also told the delegation that “Afghanistan will turn into a regional hub where roads, railways, pipelines, fibre and electricity networks connect South and Central Asia and to this end work on the project to transfer electricity from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and South Asia is ongoing.”

The delegation told Ghani that “we are proud of our partnership with and commitment to Afghanistan and we will remain with the people of the country.”

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