Afghanistan says Pakistan backing terrorists in ‘full-scale war’

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United Nations, Sep 21 (IANS) Afghanistan has accused Pakistan of backing terrorists waging a “full-scale war” and warned that it reserves the right to do “whatever is necessary for the defence and protection” of its people. It called on the international community to eliminate terrorism safe havens.

Laying out a harsh indictment of its neighbor, Afghanistan’s Vice President Sarwar Danesh told the General Assembly summit, “We have repeatedly asked our neighbouring country Pakistan to destroy the known terrorist safe havens, but we unfortunately are yet to witness any change in the situation.”

He spoke of the spate of attacks by the Islamic State (IS) and the Taliban and said, “Based on existing evidence, these attacks were planned and organized from the other side of the Durand Line, inside Pakistani territory.”

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He spoke before Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to speak at the Assembly.

Turning to the world leaders in the Assembly chamber, Danesh asked, “Where were the previous leaders of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda residing, and where were they killed? At this very moment, where are the leaders of the Taliban and Haqqani network located? From where and how are terrorists being trained, equipped and financed during a full-scale war?”

Danesh asked countries to avoid “making a distinction between good and bad terrorists.”

More than ten terrorist groups which are sent from outside Afghanistan are waging the “undeclared war” against Afghanistan, he said.

Danesh asked the UN to appoint a Special Representative for the Safety of Journalists “focused on the protecting all journalists, including those serving in Afghanistan.”

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“Special target of the foreign-backed terrorists” were democracy, freedom of expression and the independent media, he said.

“That is why our journalists are subject to serious threats while reporting from the battlefields, and also during terrorist attacks.”

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