Afghanistan to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture

Kabul, Nov 1 (IANS) The Afghanistan government plans to achieve self-sufficiency in the field of agricultural products within the next four years, President Ashraf Ghani said here on Sunday.

“Our goal is to make Afghanistan self-sufficient in terms of agriculture in four years time,” Xionhua quoted Ghani as saying in his address at the fifth National Community Development Councils Consultative Conference in Arg, the country’s Presidential Palace.

Outlining his ambitious programmes at the conference attended by hundreds of villagers and development workers, Ghani said all water resources of the country would be utilised to irrigate more lands and increase the agricultural products in the next 10 decade of transformation period beginning from 2015.

“We aim to deliver uniform services in Afghanistan,” the president said, adding the least-developed provinces will be prioritised as part of the National Solidarity Programme, a government-run project aimed at developing rural areas.

Afghanistan traditionally is an agricultural country and 80 percent of its population, according to officials, is involved in farming.

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